Little Spanish Bridge

Little Spanish Bridge is a full immersion Spanish studio where you can find the perfect enrichment program for the entire family! We have you all covered; babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age kids and even the adults. We bring a class held 100% in Spanish. A class full of joy, creativity and excitement to the little ones and for the entire family.

Little Spanish Bridge is more than a class! Little Spanish Bridge is an exclusive early second language stimulation program designed to expose kids and adults to the Spanish language and its cultures.

Little Spanish Bridge program doesn’t just teach Spanish. We introduce art, music, physical activities, math, problem solving, science, geography, manners, and socialization skills. Our program is the perfect extracurricular activity that allows your children to spend time in our full immersion studio with the kids of other families that are conscious of how important it is to have Spanish as a second language.

We are a second language learning center located in Oklahoma City|Edmond. Register today.

  • “Such a fun way to learn Spanish! My children are loving the crafts, singing, and dancing. You know it's a good time when they don't want to leave.”

    Allison McPherson
    Kids Mother
  • "Making the decision to use Little Spanish Bridge was one of the best choices my husband and I could have made for enriching our child's education."

    Lisa Wheeler
    Kids Mother
  • "Let me start by saying that it's not possible to express in words how much I think of this program and Angela and what she does. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to allow my child to attend this Spanish class."

    Shawna Aguilar
    Kids Mother