Our Toddler Spanish Uno program is the perfect extracurricular activity to enrich their development. Little Spanish Bridge brings a full immersion Spanish class for toddlers full of joy, creativity and action. This is an early child development class 100% in Spanish that offers little ones exciting and challenging adventures where they work on their global development with activities that refine motor skills, cognitive skills, social and emotional skills simultaneously with their language skills.

Our Spanish play-dates introduce Spanish through art projects, games, cooking, dance, Montessori activities, exercises, song, and all sorts of creative activities.

Our Toddler Spanish Uno, brings an adult to class. This is the perfect opportunity to partner with your little one to learn Spanish as your second language. This class is specially tailored for five couples (1 Toddler Uno and 1 Adult).

  • Toddler Spanish Uno.
Age Group: Independent Walker-Independent Toddler
Class Size: Max. 8 toddlers with one adult
Duration of Sessions: 45 minutes for a total of 4 classes a month